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may contribute to this blog by providing articles related to Tips and Tricks,
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Basic Requirements

You Have To Do following before Submitting :-
1. Register On Our Site    Here  and contact us for guest post  (You Can Submit As Much Post As You Want And Dont Try To Cheat )
2. Fill your biography(with full name), so that people get to know about you.

Guidelines for Guest Authors

You’ll have to follow these guidelines, as if we find any of the guideline violated we’ll not publish that article.
  1. Images & Videos:
    Images are one of the important part of posts. So you’ll have to add
    Some images in your post. If you’re posting any tutorial then you can
    add screenshots also.
  2. No affiliate and other website links: We
    accept only [1] direct links, if we check any of the affiliate link or
    any other website link which is not yours we’ll directly remove that.You
    can add only your Website/Blog URL which will be add in end of
    the author bio section.
  3. Copying:
    We strictly hate copying, so your post should pass Copyscape, not only
    that we can check spinned posts also. So never try to submit spinned or
    copied posts.
  4. Comments: If you’re going to post then your work is not only posting, be sure to answer someone’s query in comments of your posts!
  5. Styling: Your posts should have some bolds, points, and it should be well-organized as you’re going to post on IamMitul.
  6. Article Length:Articles Must Be Minimum 600 Words.
  7. How To Send Me Your Article:You Can Write Article In Program Like Notepad, MS Word And Send It Me Via Email.I will reply you with my email when you Contact Me
  8. Strict Note :Article Not Published Anywhere On The Web (Before/After).

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