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If you are a Copyright Holder ?

If you are the “Original copyright holder” and think that we may be using your files, images or anything else, instead of filing a DMCA claim, just contact us via following form. I will take proper action to change or remove copyright materials. It will takes 1-2 business days. (of course you’ll need to prove that you are the original copyright holder!)

If you are a Copyright Holder show these evidence:

* Name and the exact URL of your copyrighted material.
* Contact information so that we may contact you (street address, phone and email).
* Clear proof of evidence that you own the copyright to said content or evidence that you are a representative of the person/company owning the content.

We do not provide technical support for your computer!

Many people email me and ask if I can fix their computers, mobiles, game consoles and… sorry folks, but it is just too time consuming for me. If you have a specific problem you need help with, go and search a solution for it via Google.

Broken Link or Image ?

If you faced any broken link or image in this blog, please let me know to fix it as soon as possible.

About Comments ?

All comments will be moderated before publish (a little dictatorship!), so don’t bother yourself to curse/insult people, using dirty language, advertise not related materials, or doing spam comments. Also, duplicate and none-English comments will be deleted from now on.

The “Anonymous” option in the comments is enabled, because we respect our readers privacy, but do not use that if you are a REAL commenter! (only some jerks and spammers use that option a lot) If you made a comment and you’re not happy with that (for any reason) and would like your comment deleted, please just send me an email (via contact page) and We’ll remove your comment.


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