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By on December 25, 2013

Before Facebook, there were books with faces in them but there was not one book on any face. The two individual substances have merged into something that no one can separate any longer. If you have a face, as you surely do, it has to be in the book.


The one big difference that hits you in your face (minus the book) is that you are a proud owner of perhaps even a thousand friendships. You had no hope in any scorching place to have so many of these when you were loitering around in the real world. Are these two categories of friends the same? A physical friend develops a bond of affection with you. Can the same thing be said of your “friend” who peeps at you from your computer screen? Social media friendship is only mouse-deep and the dictionary meaning of the word friendship does not even touch the periphery of the “Friends Circle”.


Friends in absentia

Do you still miss your friends in their absence: The real friends you hugged and shook hands with? Does the pang hit you? If it does, you are still mostly human. For, the friendship borne out of the robotic motions sans any emotion would not even notice the absence.


UnLike? Unfriend?

 Before Facebook in particular and Internet in general, people read books and discussed about what they read with friends and others. They did not limit themselves to just a mechanical “Like” and with another swift click, “unlike” or even “unfriend”.


“Unbond”  it

 Life had a natural flow to it before Facebook was invented. There was no status to update. The “status” in the Facebook now can inform you of mundane and pedestrian moves or development in the life of a “friend” in some far corner of the world whom you made a friend only yesterday.  These status updates in their hundreds do not have any meaning unless a bond had been created earlier.


Family Bond


 There are any number of treatises that harp on the loss of personal relationship and lasting friendships. The going-out, spending quality time that lingers in the mind to nourish the relationship, have all gone no one knows where. Even the bond among the members of the family has gone insipid. What else can you expect when the whole family is at the dining table but each one is busy with a tablet in his/her hand chatting with an invisible “friend” completely ignoring the beloved ones at their side?

Unlove the Love

 What about love? The trend in movies and pulp fiction has taken its toll on the love that flourished in the decades gone by. No, we are not talking of the love as in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Love between strangers who have become “friends’ on Facebook is a recurring incidence which lacks the spirit of true love.

People used to read and wrote before. If Internet had eased the habit of reading and writing blogs, Facebook has successfully nailed the coffin with books in it. Libraries in most households have stopped growing and some cases, have been transformed into “Cyber Sections”.


What do we surmise from all the foregoing? While Facebook has helped the members expand their reach and establish contacts with people of different cultures and upbringings, the earlier camaraderie and bonhomie are clearly missing.  It is no one’s case that you dump Facebook in order to go out and make friends in real world. A judicial mixture of online activity and the fast disappearing habit of contacts with friends and relatives is what everyone should seriously consider in a prudent step.


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Mei Ling Sui had once authored a post on review of some Panasonic breadmakers which got shared by more than 300 people in just 24 hours. He believes the reason behind that was the correct use of data and visuals. His content marketing statistics claimed that this was one of his most engaging posts.


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