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By on June 26, 2013

Do you enjoy watching televised reruns? Even if a show is popular, people don’t like repeating the same experiences. It’s less exciting. Therefore, novelty is a sought element when preparing for a friend and family party.

The dinner and dancing has been done. You’ve had people over to sing karaoke before as well. It’s time for something new and unique. What about a casino party? The unknown of winning or losing is exciting. Moreover, it provides opportunity for people to learn something new and test their ability to defy odds.

Traditionally, you’d have to hire a bus or limo to take all of your attendants to an actual casino for a fun venture. However, these days, leveraging on and offline tools, you could throw a successful casino party in your own home.

Google Hangouts

Do you have a Google Gmail account? These days, not only can you send textual messages to friends but see and hear them as well with necessary components. This way, in-house attendants can play against other friends not in attendance or strangers from around the nation or globe. Google Hangouts allows up to ten people to converse at the same time, making it a prime tool for social gatherings and games.


The Google Hangouts idea is great for tech savvy parties, or for those who cannot get a number of people to their home. Alternatively, some seek casino night party services, those who supply hosts with the tables, chips, cards, and dealers, emulating actual casino game tables. This idea is great for birthday parties, graduations, or times of year when the weather is nice, allowing for an outdoor casino party. Why not get the whole gang to bring their laptops and play on the same online casino against each other. Services like Titan Poker online will even let you use webcams to the play which can add a whole new dynamic to the party if one of your invited guests couldn’t make it on the day. While you could spend hundreds of dollars getting everyone to the casino, you can host them in your own home for a fraction of the cost.

Real or Fake

Will you be using actual money during your casino night, or are the festivities purely for pleasure? It’s up to you, but make sure you relay your decision to to-be attendants. It would make for an awkward situation if someone arrived thinking they were in for a night of hardcore gambling only to find the ‘winnings’ are purely theoretical.

Alternatively, one could split the casino night in half, making the first part of the night ‘practice’ or preparation for the second half of genuine gambling. Overall, you want everyone to have a good time and feel comfortable. Ensure this by providing all the detail upfront.


As with any party, things get more interesting when adopting a theme. Some popular themes involve formal wear, cabana wear, ‘the roaring 20s,’ and other motifs. Create a survey, using a free service like SurveyMonkey. That way, a host could ask friends and family members about tastes and sensibilities regarding the theme, whether they would like to use real or fake money, if they would like to play online, etc. Getting ideas from others is a great way to originate or augment your casino night theme.

Your first or next casino night party is only a few clicks, emails, and gestures of preparation away from occurring. Realize hosts have the ability to emulate a real-life casino ambiance, or trade the offline elements for online playing capabilities.

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