The 3 Most Popular Card Games on Slot Machines

By on May 8, 2013

In today’s gambling world, slot machines have definitely come a long way from the good old days of hitting the jackpot with triple cherries. If you are a poker, blackjack, or pai gow player, you can enjoy virtual versions of these games at a variety of casinos. Simply drop in some coins and you’re on your way. These games are set up like the physical card games, only you are playing against the machine, and the more points you get, the more plays you are allowed, making these games simple and exciting.

Virtual Blackjack

Virtual Blackjack is a great game where you have the potential to win thousands by getting 21 (blackjack) or by the dealer breaking. When playing the slot machine version, the dealer is virtual and players are dealt 2 cards per hand. The dealer will deal one card that is face up to each player including themselves. The dealer will then deal out a second card face up as well. The dealer’s second card, on the other hand, is face down. At this point, the excitement begins. Time to wager. Depending on the dealer’s showing card, you will want to place your bet. If you have an ace and a face card, you have blackjack! You will definitely not lose, but you may push if the dealer ends up with blackjack as well. If the dealer is showing one face card and you have twelve, you must approach it as if the dealer has a winning hand, therefore, what do you have to lose?

Virtual Poker

Virtual poker is exactly like the live versions. Players can choose their game whether it’s 5 Card Draw or Texas Hold ‘em. While Texas Hold ‘em has become one popular style to play, 5 Card Draw is an old favorite that is definitely your best bet. Players simply pull the slot lever and are dealt a 5-card hand. The rules are traditional, so there is nothing new to learn. A Royal Flush beats a Straight Flush, and a Straight Flush beats a Full House. Your odds of winning will definitely vary from machine to machine, but there is definitely a chance for a great payout.

Pai Gow

This Chinese card game is quickly becoming a favorite at casinos around the world. The name of the game is to create two hands with seven cards that are dealt to each player by the virtual dealer – one hand will be two cards, and the second hand will be five cards, and essentially beat the dealer. The five-card hand needs to exceed the value of the two-card hand. Five-card hands have the same value as 5 Card Draw, and once the cards are dealt, the player decides which cards to use.

Win Money, Have a Blast!

Slot machine poker and blackjack games are a lot of fun and definitely keep your adrenaline rushing. The rules are simple, and when played responsibly, you’ll not only enjoy yourself, you’ll also have a great opportunity to hit that jackpot.

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