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By on May 25, 2013

Having a girlfriend is a very difficult task. It is like handling a high activity element, which should be carefully used. For doing this, you need to have a set of skills. Skills which will enable you to tackle situations, where your girlfriend goes mad on you. Now those having Android smartphones can benefit from it by installing some apps which will help them do so. Here is a list of Apps which you can use for having a better girlfriend experience.

1. RemindMe

I have seen many Boyfriends till now, who upset their girlfriend by coming late. This can happen on a Date, a movie or even on a phone call. Girlfriends then usually start thinking things which are really out of question. They might think that you stopped caring about them, or you don’t look at them as a priority. Well we have a solution for that. Here this Application RemindMe can be used to note down almost each and every outing or important thing. This way you will never forget important things and save yourself from trouble.



2. Pickup Lines

If in case you unfortunately made your girlfriend angry. And now you want to win her back. Then you must think of something clever to say right? Here is an App which will give you tons of such lines to say. You can browse through them and select the one which best suits you at that moment. This way you can easily make up for what you did.



3. Beauty Tips and tricks for Men

One reason why your girlfriend likes you is because of your looks. (For some this is not true). What if you want to look much better, that way your girlfriend will admire you more, won’t she? Here is an App which gives top – notch tips and tricks of having a handsome face for men. You can also use this App if your looks have defamed over time.




4. Any Sort-of TV Application

I haven’t given a specific app here because there are a lot of Tele – vision apps around the Google Play Store. Moreover they are different for countries and regions. But it is the one app worth having when you have a girlfriend. Most of the girls are addicted to TV shows and soaps. There might come time when they are won’t be able to watch it. Like for example if you go to camping, then you can simply boast of by taking out your phone and showing the App to her. She might get very happy for this and you might even get a reward for this!


5. History Eraser

This one App can help stop big wars. Most of the guys have a habit of opening *some* stuff on their phone. There are many girlfriends who find this taboo and illegal. But why should they find out about it? You can simply use this App to erase almost everything you have been sneaking around her back. Moreover if you had previously opened facebook profiles to stalk on people, then this might be a perfect for you.

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