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By on April 17, 2013


John Hayes, marketing strategist from iContact, says, “For all the popularity of social media, 92% of adult Internet users maintain at least one email account and 59% of marketers say they believe email is the best outlet for generating revenue”. If you are like lots of marketers looking for ways to generate better response and return on investment in 2013, here are a few tips from Dot Mailer specialists you should definitely use.


Optimise for mobile


It seems pretty obvious that optimising for mobile is key to pulling in hundreds of mobile subscribers. Yet, not all businesses are using this important marketing channel today. Consider the following. Businesses that create mobile-friendly emails get up to 30% higher open rates, according to GetResponse, email marketing provider for iStockPhoto and Men’s Health. The basic rule is to keep your emails simple, short, easy to load and read.


Target better


An average email user receives dozens of emails daily and a considerable number of emails are not even opened if not end up in the spam folder. Do you know how often your opt-in subscribers expect to receive an email from you? Unfortunately, too many companies don’t bother to ask their customers about the ideal email frequency and content. A daily email with irrelevant information can be pretty annoying, while a properly targeted email sent once a week can leave the customer satisfied.


Promote and merchandise cleverly


Develop a promotional calendar that includes all important events and offers. Remember that emails without any discounts and promotions can also be very effective, just select the right product to feature. You can showcase the features of new products and include best-selling items that are likely to boost click-through rates. As different subscribers want different things, it’s wise to segment your email list and select products to feature based on their preferences and purchase histories.


Focus on content


Subscribers are not just interested in receiving product information and offers. Send emails that include valuable content without pushing merchandise once in a while and remember to include social sharing options for subscribers to interact and respond to your emails.


Don’t let your marketing efforts go nowhere by sending out uninvited irrelevant emails. To make sure your subscribers are happy, provide them with easy-to-read information they are expecting from you.

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