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By on March 6, 2013

Many Android Smartphone Users Suffer from This Issue of Slow speed of android device. Mostly it occurs by installing spam apps from internet or other devices.  Always download apps from Google Play and  by seeing the feedback of other people who used or using it. A thing to Take care is Never download an app which says to make your android speed fast. They are just spams.


Follow the Below Steps in Order to Increase speed of your Android device :-


1)  Clear up Your Home screen - Making shortcuts of too many apps creates Slow speed of your Android device. So take first step to clear your home screen by deleting all unnecessary shortcuts and widgets.  However, I would encourage you not to use the widgets at all and use simple wallpapers instead. Furthermore, through this method, you would have saved your batteries’ life.


2)  Delete all Unnecessary Apps – Sometime we keep Many apps in our smartphone just for the sake of Show but i would suggest you to delete all the apps you don’t want or use very rarely. Note: when an android is loading too many apps, it tends to be slow because it will take more time to load all the apps you have installed in it.


3) Install Best Browser on Your Android – Many android phone users use in-built browser which is out-dated and slow in speed. User Should install latest browsers such As Opera Mini (Recommended) And Firefox As they are latest and Fast in Speed.


Conclusion – After following these Steps you will feel the fast speed in your Android Device!!

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