Why Cloud Storage is Excellent for Moving Large Data

By on February 28, 2013

By using Egnyte, one may access, download, upload, edit and save Microsoft Office-style documents, spreadsheets and presentations, as well as most image files.

In terms of security, Egnyte uses password protection and file encryption like all other cloud services, but this company uses a hybrid of local and cloud storage, meaning that each file is effectively stored twice, integrating your ‘Network Attached Storage’ with its cloud server. This is a unique system that allows easier offline access.

Mobile access

This Egnyte app is available for most of the popular smartphones/tablets, including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows, but is not, as yet, available for Blackberry. However, the app is available for HP WebOS, Amazon KindleFire and B&N Nook.

For this review, the Apple iOS version is the one being tested.


This app simplifies cloud storage in a way that other apps have failed to do. Whereas the Google Apps For Business cloud service has been criticised for being fragmented for the way in which the varying types of media have their own separate apps, this single app could not be more comprehensive or simpler to use!

All buttons, tabs and pages are easy to find and to see – the images and text are impressively sharp and it is very easy to manage your files and folders, even if you are not familiar with cloud storage applications.


The Egnyte support system is also impressive, with a large knowledge base to answer any questions that you may have coupled with 24×7 support available via telephone, online chat or email. The support team was shown not only to be knowledgeable, but responsive and friendly.


The Egnyte app is a welcome addition to the current stable of iOS apps. Not only is the app intuitive laid out and easy to use, but Egnyte’s innovative hybrid storage facilities add that extra little bit of security giving the user the freedom of file access anywhere, anytime with any device.

The fact that the help and support team is knowledgeable, amiable and readily available really polishes off the service as a whole.


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