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By on August 12, 2012
RocketDial Pro v.2.9.9 build 2 + Themes (Android OS)Rocket dial
is the best dialer in android, the build-in super fast T9 search engine
allows you to search any field of the contact including
name/phone/notes/websites/nickname and so on; With rocketdial you can
manage your contacts easily without any issue, you can add contact to
favorite for quick access, you can assign rigntone, you can assign
contact to group, you can also send group test messages or emails
through Rocketdial. Rocketdial is the most powerfull contact management
tool you can find in android platform.

- Favorites support, large buttons for select, quick and easy dialing.
- Support facebook accounts , show photo from facebook.
Perfect contacts support : operate on single or multiple contacts ,
send messages, write emails, delete your contacts in one click,
everything is fast and convenient.

- Speed dialing numbers 1 – 99, press and hold the button to assign a speed dial. You can also configure the speed dial menu.
- Call Confirm, show confirmation dialog every time user placed a call, no more accidental calls.
- Perfect T9 search for groups , easily find the group through T9 search group name. support adding color for each groups tab.
- Set Group Ringtone, group message, group email, group black list.
- Advanced call history management, batch mode, quickly create a reminder in your calendar for the contacts and so on.
- Search Contacts simply through finger-drawings.
- Perfect support for Last name first display method, support contacts order on last name.
- Supports UK/China/US/Canada Area Code, show locations for incoming/outgoing calls.
- Change background , choose picture from your phone to use as dialer background.
Caller ID for incoming calls, supports full screen contact photo ,
supported features: answer, endcall, callback,enable speaker and answer ,
send sms back and decline, silent

- Call End that can exit dialer and lock screen directly (android 2.2 and above) when you finish a call
- Vibrate on phone connected.
- Vibrate on Phone end.
- Beep on Phone End.
- Duplicate contacts into different account.
- Manage Contacts account by account.
- Duplicate Contacts from account to account.
- Black List, support reject incoming calls from your black list.
- Format phone numbers , support location US/Canana/UK/Russia/Ukraine/China/Taiwan.
- Show organization of contact when calling out or receiving the calls.
- Use finger drawing to search the contact, easy to use in car.
- Configure Alphabet Bar on your own , show alphabet bar in your language.
- Amazing Widget support.


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