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By on July 7, 2012

This Is The Awesomest Software here 

In today’s time, not even  every home has a laptop or computer, but every member of family also own separate laptops or any other device with internet connection. And everyone want to use internet, prefect if you have a Wi-Fi at home, but what if you have an Ethernet?
For the same purpose, I remember the time when we bought a Ethernet switch to that every laptop connects using a cord, which solved the problem of connection laptops and computer. Luckily, my windows phone also connects to internet just by using a data cable plugged to a system with internet.
But now when I have a iPad, i wanted an another solution as it does not have Ethernet port, through data cable also, it does not connect to Internet. So i was searching on web for some hardwares or softwares  to get Wi-Fi hotspot in my home, and found a very awesome, easy and free way to do so, using the softwares Connectify. Thanks to connectify, Now I dont get bore anymore while cooking  ;)
Connectify is a software, that transform your laptop into a Wi-Fi- Hotespot and enables to share your internet for other laptops, smartphones, PDAs, Ipods, tablet-pcs, Ipads, gameboids and every wifi enabled devices through wifi. The best thing is, it require No router or external hardware for this purpose.But, it do works on Windows 7 only.

How to use connectify:
1. Download connectify  I am Providing you Connectify Pro 3.5 for Free

Download from Here

=========================== and install it on your windows 7 system.

2. Run connectify, fill Hotspot Name, password, Internet connection and then click on Start Hotspot. Now Wi-Fi hotspot is ready, you can connect other devices with it.

3. Now from other devices  search for wi-Fi, it will show your newly created Wi-Fi’s name, you can connect to it as usual you connect to any other Wi-Fi network.

4. You can also check the name and list of devices connected and disconnected recetly to your Wi-Fi hotspot from the client tab in connectify.

Awesome Isn’t It

Must Must Share It Guyz …!! itz awesome

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  1. Mitul Narula

    July 29, 2012 at 10:45 AM

    Yea Its Very Useful Software For Everyone..

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