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By on February 26, 2012

All you know about Facebook timeline. Many of users enjoying it very much. So Today IamMitul posting 10 funny timeline covers. So enjoy it and look creativity…

1. Erni Pedernera
This cover is for the hardcore Angry Birds enthusiasts

 2. Giuseppe Draicchio
It’s no surprise that this E.T.-inspired cover comes from an employee at digital marketing agency E3.

 3. James Jackson
Kicking it old school, this Duck Hunt cover photo makes us want to dig up our old Nintendo systems.

 4. Jay Hershberger
Is that a new muppet? Jason Segel? Nope! It’s just Hershberger’s tribute to Jim Henson’s puppet friends.

 5. Jordan Joseph
Who isn’t a fan of Mario Kart? Joseph gets super fan points though. Here we go!

6. La’amore Roma
We’ve seen this headless concept in a few of our other roundups, but it’ still a fun gag.

 7. Natalie Iurchenko
It takes a couple second looks, but Iurchenko actually doesn’t have paint on her face, nor is she a zebra’s snout — just a play on shadows.

 8. Oliver Elsner
Elsner is looking very James Bond in his cover photo.

 9. Aly Moffatt
There’s something different about th….hey, get her out of there!

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