How to Disable Timeline on Facebook

By on December 27, 2011

How to Disable or Remove or Deactivate Timeline on Facebook –:

 Disable Timeline On Facebook – Facebook timeline reveals rather too much about you and you wish to remove facebook timeline and revert back to the old profile layout, right? If you got your timeline profile through the quick way I posted earlier, then there’s a way to deactivate timeline. I enabled timeline profile a couple of weeks back, toyed around with it for quite a while, got tired of it due to some privacy reasons and got desperate looking for a way to remove timeline and go back to my old profile layout. I eventually found a really simple way to delete facebook timeline I’m gonna share it with you.
Note that this will only work for you if you enabled timeline from facebook developer page. To disable timeline and go back to your old profile, follow these steps:
- Go to facebook developers page
- The link above takes you to the application(s) you create. Click on the application that you used to enable timeline on the right.
- Select Edit App from the top right

- There are some links by the left side of the page, right? The last one should be Delete App, click on this very one.
- Click the confirm button and wait till the application is deleted.
- If you’ve enabled Open Graph for more than one facebook application,then you have to delete all these applications as well.
Now check your profile and you’ll see you have your old profile back. Since Timeline is not yet public, facebook will probably force it on you when it goes public. But till then, enjoy your old profile layout while it lasts, remove timeline quickly.
Now you’ve learnt how to Disable Timeline on facebook or delete facebook timeline.

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